Какво е А1 smart video?

Every month you receive a detailed report that shows the results of our activities and suggestions for their improvement.

What do you get if you choose A1 Smart Video?

Dynamic video

Filming of a video of your object/s within one visit lasting up to 8 hours with professional equipment

Finished video

Provide a finished video up to 120 seconds in Full HD resolution - 1920x1080px

Installation and editing

Montage of the recorded video materials together with background music pre-selected by you from at least 3 suggested options.

Free corrections - one time

Possibility of free one-time corrections on all elements of the received finished video, which you have the right to request within 10 working days of its receipt.

How will A1 Smart Video help your business?

You will have ready-made material to introduce your target audience to your business.

You will increase your brand recognition and your sales.

Through it, you will build your brand identity.