Why choose tv advertising?

Using television advertising allows you to reach an extremely large audience of potential customers to let them know about yourself and the products or services you offer. It allows you to build an image that will bring you the desired results in the future, and we made sure to provide you with this opportunity at an affordable price. Through a professionally produced TV clip, you will be able to convey your messages in the most comprehensible way to a large number of users.

TV Clip

The most important component in a TV commercial is the clip, through which you will communicate with your audience. We can help you in this mission by preparing a professional TV clip for you, which will present you and your products and services in an appropriate and understandable way, will increase the recognition of your brand, as well as win new customers.

Our team of specialists is ready to prepare everything necessary, and you will be able to freely participate in the creative process. Together we will create an amazing animated clip that will tell the story and message of the brand and grab the attention of your audience.

What we offer:

  • Professionally produced 30-second animated clip in the highest quality;
  • Broadcasting of the advertisement an equal number of times in Prime Time (18:00-24:00) and off Prime Time;
  • Watching the ad more than 60 times a day on the channels in the package you selected;
  • Obtaining a certificate certifying the broadcast of the campaign on any TV channel.