What is a landing page?

A landing page is a great marketing tool and means of attracting new customers or users of your service. Also known as a landing page, it is a stand-alone page separate from your website’s home page that serves a specific purpose. In essence, this is the next step – for a visitor to become your customer.

  • The landing page can be reached by the user after clicking on a direct link from an email, advertisement, or other location. Once on your landing page, users are encouraged to take an action, such as joining your newsletter or purchasing your products.
  • The landing page can be found through a general search or through your business website, increasing the likelihood that a potential customer will land there.
  • Landing pages serve a specific purpose at a specific point in an advertising campaign to a target audience.

Why is the landing page that important?

A good landing page is like a natural logical extension of your ad. It is tailored to the design and message of the ad, and these elements are implemented in the overall visual and textual layout of the landing page. It has no unnecessary menus to distract the user from the final goal you want to reach – sales, calls, reservations, filling out a contact form or any other business goal of yours. Through it, visitors are encouraged to perform the desired action as quickly as possible.

Here are some more reasons to have a landing page:

  • Can be used as a core element in social media and Google advertising campaigns.
  • Reach people who are already interested in your services and products.
  • Helps convert page visitors into customers without increasing your social media and Google ad spend. And that leads to a greater return on your investment.

What makes the Development of a Landing page from A1 different?

  • We have an individual approach to each project, guaranteeing its success.
  • We’ll make sure your landing page is tailored to your business needs.
  • The design of the page will be completely customized, product-oriented and fully consistent with the theme of the advertising campaign for which it is being created.
  • We will help you connect with your prospective customers through an effective, personalized and result-oriented landing page.
  • Our landing page will load quickly and will be well optimized for all types of devices – smartphone, tablet, computer. This helps in better user experience and better end results.
  • We provide the opportunity to reschedule the project investment.