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Who are we?

We believe that helping small and medium-sized businesses create, maintain and develop a digital presence is the key to long-term success. With us you can find a number of services to help you grow your business and establish your position on the market. Our team is always ready to listen and understand your needs, to prepare and implement a strategy to achieve your goals and most importantly, to always be by your side!

Our solutions for your Business

Position your business online

Find the web solution that meets your business needs, presented in an appropriate manner with a modern and functional look, an excellent user experience, attention to detail, and the option of installment payments.

Increase your sales through paid advertising and social media presence

Building a relevant audience and communicating with them on social networks will benefit your business in the long run, while a timely digital advertising will help you to achieve rapid growth. Applying the two strategies brings significant results to successful businesses.

Be successful with our other services

Our diverse digital services will provide you and your business with the support you need on the road to success. We know that everyone has a different problem to solve, so we strive to always find the right and innovative approach to meet your needs.

Why A1 Bulgaria?

More than 50 professionals in the field of digital marketing solutions are ready to help you and your business to become a leader in the online sector. Being informed about the news and the trends of the market as well as thinking in an innovative manner helps us to create a suitable digital strategy that would help each and every one of you to achieve the results you want.
Transparency of achieved results
The main focus of our work is transparency in our relationship with you. Whether you are interested in our work processes, where we are in the development of your project, or more specific data from your advertising campaign, we will be happy to provide you with the information you need. As for the final results we have achieved - you will be able to follow them and see the analyzes in real time.
Working Process
In order to offer a personalized, applicable and achievable solution for your business, we assess the industry and market in which you operate before we even begin working with you. We plan in advance the activities and resources needed to make your project a success and ensure that we can provide you with an impeccable service that meets your expectations and meets our high standards.
The digital environment is extremely dynamic - conditions are constantly changing, new trends, tools and ideas appear, and their monitoring and implementation is of key importance to us! This way, we know that we will be able to provide you with the best possible service to achieve your business goals.
A key value we apply in our work every day. We are committed to our relationship with you and to the idea of helping you develop the things that are really important to you, we want to be the part of your business that will help make it successful.
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