Gardenia Antana


Gardenia Antana


ТВ реклама

За клиента

The mission of the company is to supply and satisfy the Bulgarian market with agricultural equipment, accessories and consumables, to provide for the needs of enterprises and workshops working in the field of the food industry, light and heavy industry from equipment, hoses and devices.

The company’s clients are among the leading businesses for agricultural machinery and consumables on the Bulgarian market, trading companies, enterprises working in the field of light and heavy industry, as well as many cooperative farms, rest centers, stations, hotels, companies engaged in fish farming and others.

За проекта

The client approached us with a desire to use our TV advertising service. We fulfilled his wish by preparing a TV clip, which we used for two campaigns in two seasons suitable for him – spring and autumn. We chose niche channels that would work for him and within the 30 second video we were able to present a catalog of the products they wanted us to focus on and the chains they partnered with.