Dental Clinic NuriDent


Dental Clinic NuriDent


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За клиента

Dental implantology center NuriDent is one of the most successful centers in Europe, specializing in immediate implantology. Recognized for many years of experience in placing basal dental implants of the latest generation (made in Switzerland and Italy), thousands of foreign and Bulgarian patients have benefited from the quality of their care to date. Every year in the NuriDent clinic, they place about 3500 implants, offering patients a complete restoration of a harmonious smile in just 3 days on one jaw or a complete restoration in 7 days on both jaws.

За проекта

The client approached us looking for services to promote his business. We suggested to him that we start by making a TV clip to use for a TV commercial, and then include a social media support service. In this way, we have covered two large audiences that work for him.

We selected niche channels that would work for him and co-produced a commercial that aired in four separate ad campaigns. In the clip, we presented all the key moments for the business – the clinic, the team and the implants they work with. The feedback we received after the completion of the four campaigns was that interest in the clinic increased after them.