Furniture store Nido


Furniture store Nido


Информативен сайт, Социални мрежи, Digital Ads

За клиента

Furniture store NIDO is the home of Italian furniture in Bulgaria. Offers the development of complete solutions for the furnishing and design of the home, office, hotels, public and high-end commercial spaces

За проекта

We started working on digital advertising in one of the most difficult months for advertising,- August. The client’s goal was to receive more inquiries through the contact form on the site. In the first month of digital advertising, we mainly focused on increasing traffic and for this purpose we used Facebook as a channel. We bet on a different and varied type of views – carousel, static view, Instant experience and video. Thus, the results did not take long to arrive, and in the first month we had over 150% growth in new users of the site, and the Bounce rate, or the percentage of people who enter the site, but then quickly leave, decreased by over 75%. After we had engaged enough users with the site, we moved on to a conversion campaign. Here again, we bet on a variety of looks, and so in just 2 weeks we achieved over 85% growth in sent inquiries.

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